GLS Couriers deliver all our small packages.

Once your package is scanned at our local depot you will receive an automatic email with your tracking number etc.

They will make 2 seperate attempts to make delivery of a package and failing this they will send us an email to get further contact info. We would then attempt to also make contact with the customer (by email and phone)but failing contact for a further 3 days means the package would be automatically returned to us.

If the customer surfaces after these 5 days there would be an additional charge of €5 + vat to begin the delivery cycle again.

Thankfully this happens with about one package every 5 years.


If you havent received your package  “next day”, the first thing you have to do is be patient. In these unprecedented times of Covid-19 courier companies just cant keep all the online packages delivered. They have recruited 100s of extra drivers, put extra vans on the road, in Dublin they are doing 3 waves of deliveries each day, plus using over 20 local taxis that were out of work to share the load. They are delivering up to 7pm each day and even at weekends.

Our recommended action to track your package is the following:

  • You will receive an automated email with your tracking number and a link – keep an eye on your delivery there –
  • If you dont receive your package next day be patient and 99% of packages are still getting delivered by the second day.
  • If by the third day you havent received it, then you can make contact with GLS for an update. With most of their customer service staff working from home getting an answer from the phones isnt easy. You can see the contact number for your local depot below if you wish to try, but sending an email will be alot eaiser.
  • Send an POLITE email to quoting your package number in the Subject line, asking them if they can please update you. They are getting up to 1000 emails a day but they are getting through them. (You are welcome to email us but we can only do the exact same process you can)
  • If after 4 days a package hasn’t been delivered we are then allowed escilate the issue to GLS management as “High importance”. Send us an email to and let us know your package hasnt arrived after 4 days and we are then allowed to push it on your behalf. We are not allowed before 4 days are up so please don’t ask.

(*) We have worked with GLS for 8 years and while it is impossible to absolutely guarantee next day delivery for this price they have proven a 99.999% success rate which we are delighted with.

The GLS Depot contact details are listed below to help with tracking your order

Limerick – Annacotty        Phone 061 335691

Dublin – Ballycoolin          Phone 01 8606200

Carlow     Phone 059 9165492

Cork       Phone 021 4297560

Mayo – Knock       Phone 094 9367787

This is a next day (Mon – Fri) delivery service to any part of Ireland on orders placed by 3pm.(*)

For Larger Bales and Pallets we use The Pallet Network (

Alternatively our products may be collected from our premises by prior appointment!

Email your query to or call our sales line

061 373 402 – Open 9am – 5pm Mon to Friday